Learn photography from a professional photographer

Swiss photographer Peter Hofstetter shares his knowledge in a new photo course.


This photo course stands out for its simplicity and powerful nature. It is designed to help individuals who are interested in photography understand the basics in a straightforward and concise manner.

You will learn from someone with 30 years of experience in photography. For you this means, you get alle the knowledge gained, but it will also prevent you from make some of the mistakes, that have been made in this 30 years :-). 

Course size and cost

The course costs $450.00 or a monthly payment plan for $40.00 for 12 month. As the course will get bigger and bigger, the price will be adjusted accordingly.  

At this stage the course consists of 27 lessons and about 50 assignments. Another 13 lessons are in the works and will be added in the next few weeks. These additional 13 lessons are more specialized subjects.



How long is the photo course
At this time, the course consists of almost 30 video lessons and lots of easy assignments. When you through with it, I know you will be able to shoot professional pictures. I have trained many apprentices in my 30 years, and several operate their own photo studio. On the one side, I  trained up my own competition, but then I can safely say, that I know how to teach someone photography.
What subjects are covered?

These categories you will understand after this course:

  • Introduction & motivation
  • Learning Composition
  • Choose your camera and lenses
  • All camera settings (for better composition)
  • Exposure and light
  • Photo Editing
Is it complicated or confusing?

The swiss photo course was designed to explain photography in a simple, but doable fashion.


In putting together the course, more time was spent, to make learning photography an easy experience, instead of loading up the course with lots of mostly useless information.  Very few big words and complicated procedures, which may be used for some rare shooting project, the important stuff was emphasised.


You get all the knowledge of the things I use 90% of the time, to make a good living with photography.

Are there many examples?
In the videos, you will find lots of illustrations and samples. This should make some of the more complex subject clear. I will show you the important points in photography. This will make it easy for you to understand.
Will I get all my questions answered?

Yes. This is a new course and I can’t know what all the questions that may come up. But you can ask me any question and I will either answer or add a lesson to the course or post it on YouTube.

About the photographer / creator
“I have over 30 years of photography experience, owning and running my own successfull photo studio for the last  24 years. My career started in a Hollywood studio. With diverse clients, I have honed my skills, capturing various subjects and producing high-quality photos that exceed expectations. My passion and commitment to excellence drive my success.”

How long will it take?

Are there practical exsamples?
Is it complicated or confusing?
What if I still have questions?